A Foot to Stand On

Foot Doctors: Changing Lives By Saving Feet

If you have ever had medical problems with your feet, you are probably no stranger to a foot doctor. It is incredible to think about how much your feet affect your overall health. For example, if an athlete is in totally great condition but they have a painful ingrown toenail, that one little problem can keep them from practicing their sport. Your feet are essential to your health, and for many, seeing a podiatrist is the key. Podiatrists see it all. From amputations to ingrown toenails and everything in between. Here are a few common issues that are frequently treated by a foot doctor

Dry Skin

It may sound a bit trivial, but dry and cracking skin on your feet can actually be a big problem. Some people have feet that are so cracked that they bleed with every step they take. It can be a seasonal or recurring challenge, and many people struggle with treatment. If you have experienced this issue, see your podiatrist. They can actually shave off the dead and cracked skin off your feet, allowing soft, healthy skin to grow in its place. This procedure is not painful but can make all of the difference in the health of your feet. 

Webbed Toes

If you have inherited webbed toes from one of your parents, you do not need to live your whole life with them. Webbed toes are actually pretty common, and can be easily taken care of. The procedure includes general anesthetic but is usually pretty straightforward and quick. Podiatrists frequently take care of webbed toes before they become too much of an issue. 


A bunion is a large and bony bump on the side of the foot that can make walking and running extremely painful. Getting rid of a bunion is a bit more involved, but surgeons actually have the power to shave off part of the bone and straighten out the foot. Your podiatrist can make it look like you never had a bunion to begin with, giving you the freedom to wear your old shoes and enjoy your feet again. 

In conclusion, no matter what kind of foot issue you are dealing with, your podiatrist can help. Call to get an appointment today, instead of waiting for it to get worse. Many foot conditions can deteriorate the longer they are ignored, so get in to see your podiatrist as soon as possible.