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Reasons To Undergo Hammer Toe Surgery To Improve Your Podiatric Health

When you suffer from a hammer toe, you may experience excruciating pain every day. Simple tasks like walking and standing can be more than you can tolerate. 

However, you do not have to suffer from this condition with no relief available to you. You can benefit from undergoing hammer toe surgery to relieve this condition.

Correcting the Deformity

One of the main reasons to undergo hammer toe surgery involves correcting the physical deformity of your toe. As it looks now, your toe might bend at an awkward and painful angle. You may be unable to straighten it out on its own and may instead suffer from intense pain whenever you try. 

However, hammer toe surgery can straighten out your toe without causing you immense pain. Your toe will finally lie flat as it should and no longer curl or stick up at an unnatural angle.

Relieving Pain

Further, the outcome of your hammer toe surgery should be one that frees you from pain whenever you walk, stand, or put on shoes. This condition can make standing on your feet for your job excruciating and difficult, if not impossible. You also may be unable to walk, climb stairs or put on a pair of shoes without experiencing pain.

However, when this deformity is corrected, it can relieve the pain you previously felt in your feet. You can resume your job and may not need to use a cane or walker to get around. You can also climb up and down stairs and put on shoes without suffering the pain of this condition.

Wearing Shoes

Finally, your hammer toe surgery can allow you to wear your favorite pairs of shoes again. You might not want to wear sandals or flip-flops because of the way your toe looks. You do not want other people to see it and ask why your toe looks like that or is at a weird bend or angle. 

However, after the surgery, your toe will lie flat, and you can wear your favorite shoes with confidence. Your toe will not cause you pain, and it will also look normal like the rest of your toes.

Hammer toe surgery can provide a number of important benefits. It can relieve the intense pain you feel when you walk, stand, or put on shoes. It can also make your toe look normal and allow you to wear shoes like flip-flops and sandals.