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Common Problems to Avoid With Foot Pain Remedies

There is quite a long list of medical conditions that are associated with foot pain. This is not to mention lifestyle choices such as wearing high-heeled shoes, or shoes that don't fit well. The good news is that there is plenty that you can do to get both short and long-term pain relief.

Unfortunately, in trying to implement these strategies, you may find yourself making mistakes that will only worsen your foot pain. Among these mistakes include the following.

1.    Depending on a Medicated Quick Fix

Yes. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories can provide excellent and sometimes, instant pain relief. But these medications do nothing to treat the underlying cause of your foot pain. The relief is short-lived, and you will find yourself popping one pill after the other, at the expense of seeking the medical attention your problem deserves. Taking drugs to push through the pain and go on with your routine may only make things worse. The underlying problem will not resolve itself, and as you continue to exert the problem area, you'll be causing more damage.

2.    Overdoing the Cold Treatment

Cold treatment using ice does provide relief for foot pain and any inflammation and swelling you may have. This is particularly important when the injury is in its acute phase, such as right after foot surgery. However, after this phase, what you actually need is the opposite, that is some heat treatment. A hot compress will encourage better blood flow to and from the injured area. The blood will supply the injured tissues with the oxygen and nutrients needed to speed up healing. Succinctly, know when to apply the ice pack, and ease up on it.

3.    Relying on Orthotics and Shoe Inserts

Over-the-counter orthotics and shoe inserts are readily available for anyone who wants to buy them. These devices perform great when it comes to relieving foot pain. However, the relief is only temporary, as they don't address the underlying cause of the pain. As a side note, you are always better off with custom-made prescription orthotics. Your podiatrist will design these orthotics and advise you on how frequently and for how long you should wear them.

What to Do

As outlined, cold treatment, orthotics, and medication only provide short-term relief at best. To ensure that you get a lasting solution for your foot pain, see a podiatrist. The foot doctor will diagnose the underlying cause of the pain and recommend an effective and long-term remedy for you. Learn more by visiting websites like https://www.familyfootcenter.net/.